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Golf Lessons Long Island New York
Mental Golf Swing Paralysis.
Your mind is cluttered with excessive information and your golf swing has become almost exclusively technical.
Forget Every Golf Lesson You Have Taken
Your past lessons have been confusing and uncomfortable. When the Pro was around so was your confidence. Once on your own, your confidence dropped, then you lost your swing, and before you knew it you were right back where you started.
A Lesson Using Tempo - Rhythm - Focus
Now imagine a lesson that teaches you to swing using Tempo - Rhythm - Focus. Imagine how stress free it feels to use your own rhythm. Using a Tempo - Rhythm - Focus golf swing you will gain better control, accuracy, and repeatability.
Your golf lesson and swing will succeed when you incorporate

Tempo - Rhythm - Focus - and Confidence.

Mind and Body Working as One. Whether a lesson, practice, round of golf, or match, you will have a better, more repeatable golf swing. The results are outstanding and training will take you only minutes a day.

Private and Group Mind Director Golf Instruction and Lessons are available in the Long Island, New York Area.   Contact US

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Tempo - Focus - Rhythm

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