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Learn How To Train Practice & Understand Rhythm Tempo & Focus

How To Train Practice Learn Understand Rhythm Tempo Focus

Mind Director will work. You will succeed. You will learn how to understand your goals and see positive results. Practice and train by following the easy to understand directions.


Learn Rhythm Tempo and Focus Training

Tempo Rhythm is the rate of movement during your golf swing. Using a constant tempo rhythm, with smooth transition enables you to keep focus. Your tempo rhythm can be fast or slow. It's personal. It is your tempo. You can even increase tempo during your swing as long as it has a smooth transition and rhythm, with no sudden jerks.

Focus means training your eye on a focal point, through the impact zone. You do not end focus at impact. You must learn how to focus through your impact zone. When you lose focus too early in your swing you lose your spine angle and tend to lose your tempo. Understand that most swing flaws are due to loss of focus. Rhythm Tempo Focus Focus training allows your mind to correct any deficiencies in your swing automatically.

Focus does not mean to 'Keep your head down'. It means that you need to keep focus(your eye) on your ball or some other focal point through the impact zone. You do not want to restrict the movement of your swing. Your head and neck muscles should remain relaxed throughout your swing. Do not stop focus at impact. Focus through the impact zone.     (See Picture)

The basic golf scripts supplied with Mind Director are specifically designed to expedite absorbing tempo and focus into your golf swing as an automatic response.

1. The more you use Mind Director, the more powerful each training session will become.

2. Wear headphones when you listen to the cd to achieve optimum results.

3. The Power Bracelet should be worn all day.

The more you wear Your Bracelet, the quicker your goals will be achieved.

For the 1st week it is suggested, you listen and train with tracks #1(Introduction), #2(Full Swing), and #3(Chipping and Putting) during each training session. This will enable your brain to get familiarized with opening and closing the suggestive state necessary to obtain your full objectives.

For Week 2 Listen to tracks #2(Full Swing), and #3(Chipping and Putting). By now you no longer need the introduction track #1, unless you feel that you still require it in order to feel relaxed.

From Week 3 on you may listen to any track, #2(Full Swing), #3(Chipping and Putting), or #4(Course Management) that you feel is best suited for what you are working on. I switch off. I either listen to tracks #2(Full Swing) and #3(Chipping and Putting), or I listen to track #4(Course Management).

It takes 30 consecutive days of Mind Director training in order to achieve a new habit.

Through training & practice you will learn how to understand
Tempo, Rhythm, and Focus as an Automatic Response

Understand Rhythm Practice Tempo Learn How To Focus

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Learn How To Train Practice & Understand Rhythm Tempo & Focus