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Power Improvement Swing Training Aid - Golf Hypnosis Bracelet - Subconscious Mind Body Control System
Mind Director F.A.Q.
Questions from our customers

Do you have questions about Mind Director? Self Help Training can be a confusing subject. At MindCore Inc., we realize this confusion and have created this list of questions with answers, that have come from our customers.

What IS Mind Director?

Mind Director is a simple sports mind and body system.Golf Practice Our product incorporates a special bracelet which exercises and conditions your thoughts and behaviors that control your mind and body. Instant success is accomplished by using the power of your mind coupled with a golf training bracelet! First, Mind Director coaxes you into a deep state of relaxation. Then during your training session, Powerful information through hypnosis scripts begins providing your subconscious mind with positive suggestions. Mind Director makes simple, quick and exciting changes to improve your swing. It is completely safe and it can make amazing differences to your life.

How does Mind Director work?

Mind Director has three modes. (Train, Trigger, Observation). In Training mode our product will coax you into a deep state of relaxation and begins to provide the subconscious mind with positive suggestions. In Trigger Mode Mind Director will trigger the subconscious mind, soaking in suggestions that it received while you were in the training session. In Observation mode Mind Director allows your conscious mind to process the goals of the user. Golf practice is the perfect time for observation mode.

During the day Mind Director will shift modes automatically. By keeping Mind Director in the proper mode it ensures that your mind and body will work together as one, Easily, Automatically, and with Confidence. That’s Right!

Will Mind Director work for me?

Mind Director will work. You will succeed. You will attain your goals and see positive results.
As long as you follow the easy directions and use our product as directed, It will work.

1. The more you use Mind Director the more powerful each training session will become.

2. Wear headphones when you listen to the cd to achieve optimum success.

3. The Power Bracelet should be worn all day.

The more you wear the Mind Director Bracelet the quicker your goals will develop.

What does Mind Director "feel" like during golf practice?

Mind Director feels great! Throughout a training session you will feel very relaxed. When completing a session you might feel unique sensations. You feel the power of Mind Director working. Your mind and body are fully aware they are being conditioned and exercised. This is normal and in fact after a session you should feel extremely relaxed, comfortable, and in complete control. During a Swing Training session you may lose track of time. This is normal and due to the positive and pleasurable feelings that are attained.

Mind Director Golf Training Aid Information and Answers

Mind Director can be used for almost any purpose... from weight-loss thru sports training. Self Improvement Swing Training AidIt can change your behavior, thoughts, and help control your body!. Increase confidence, stop smoking, help pain, optimize your memory, instant public speaking, control weight, develop your mental powers, improve your golf, plus much, much, more. With Mind Director, control of your life with simple, powerful information. Both Mind and Body.

Is Mind Director a Safe Product?

Absolutely. Mind Director uses a reliable method for your mind to soak up information. Mind Director will not help unless you want it to work. You cannot get stuck in one of Mind Director’s modes, And it cannot make you do things against your will. Mind Director is a self-help tool. It is completely safe, and a powerful natural way to achieve any and all of your goals instantly.

How long will it take to develop swing control success?

Training should take place a minimum of once per day. The time used for training should exceed three minutes a day and you should continue development for a minimum 28 days. After one week your instincts can improve your swing to the point where you should see instant remarkable improvements in your golf game. You will be on your way to exercising and conditioning the most important part of you body. It's not magic. It is a powerful tool that enables you to expand your imagination and abilities. Join the Mind Director family and enjoy golf like never before.

Who Developed The Mind Director Golf Training Aid?

The Mind Director development team consists of experts in the fields of Hypnosis, Education, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Video Game Design, plus many more participants too numerous to mention in this space.

One Bracelet Unlimited Benefits!

So there you have it. Mind Director is lightweight and comfortable. You can feel its power working throughout the day. Mind Director will be used at home, during lessons, golf practice, and on the course so that your golf game goals and results are achieved rapidly.

Mind Director

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Power Improvement Swing Training Aid - Golf Hypnosis Bracelet - Subconscious Mind Body Control System